One of the learning sites I’ve been looking at recently has been CreativeLive. If you’ve never visited the site, you owe it to yourself to take a look. There is quite a bit of content there, but the most unique part is their delivery model.

New presentations (generally 1 – 3 days) are delivered live and can be viewed for free. In fact, the free presentation also includes a host of interactive extras like chat and Q/A with the instructor. Access to the recorded presentations cost around $100 (streamed or downloaded) and typically include additional materials/content. It’s a novel approach given that most other live training events, from classroom training to webinars generally come at a premium with less interactive recordings available at a discount.

The instructors that I’ve seen have been solid¬†and move the lesson along nicely. A small live studio audience and the moderator’s questions (taken from the internet audience) keep things interesting as well.

The topics fall along 5 categories:

  • Photo/Video,
  • Art/Design,
  • Music/Audio,
  • Craft/Maker and
  • Money/Life.

In all honesty, I’ve found a couple of the presentations really inspiring. The latest standout being a series by a favorite photographer of mine, Joel Grimes (@JoelGrimesPhoto). Take a look if you get the chance. Most lessons start 9am Pacific Time (their studios are located in Seattle) and run 3 -4 hours.